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Fridays With Jingfa - Penang’s Proposals to Bank Negara on housing loan rejection

Jun 29, 2018
Fridays With Jingfa - Penang’s Proposals to Bank Negara on housing loan rejection
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Penang’s Proposals to Bank Negara on housing loan rejection

Ten applications, seven rejections. Unbelievably, but that’s how Penang Housing Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo described as to how the current loan rejection rate of 60% or even 70% was a cause for concern for the state government.

“Imagine for every 10 people applying for bank loans  only three applicants obtained approval. 
“This completely nullifies our efforts to provide adequate housing for Penangites.
“It makes all our efforts in vain.
“This has been a very long outstanding problem … we need to sit down and address the issue with Bank Negara soonest possible,”  Jagdeep said at a Press briefing in Komtar recently.
Jagdeep knows what he was talking about. 
He has been tackling this problem over the years ever since he helmed the housing portfolio.
If he has his way, Jagdeep would like to see all first-time house buyers have a roof over their head and that the state government.

Allow me to be a bit personal here. That go-all-out effort signature-trait in helping people always runs deep in Jagdeep’s family.
I have been a close family friend of the late Mr Karpal Singh for almost 35 years and have seen it all through how they went all out to help the ordinary folks.
Being a family of great lawyers in the country, they, including Mr Karpal, had always taken on legal cases pro bono for the deserving ones.
Even though he no longer practices law now, Jagdeep,  is still continuing the family trait by giving his best in helping deserving Penangites to have a house of their own. He has never stopped short in perpetually urging Bank Negara Malaysia to review its criteria for house loans for first-time home owners.
And he has got strong support.
Five parties, three chambers of commerce and two development associations have joined forces with him on this. 
The five are Real Estate and Housing Developers Association (Rehda) Penang, International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI)  Malaysia, Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce, Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Penang Indian Chamber of Commerce.
In a signed statement addressed to the Housing and Local Government Ministry, the five expressed their concern about the rate of housing loan rejection, particularly for low-cost, low medium-cost and affordable housing.
Jagdeep added that this issue was raised by former Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and himself during the state assembly even way back in 2016.
“After reaching a unanimous agreement, a joint motion was forwarded to former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Bank Negara Malaysia.
“However, there was no follow-up,” he said.

An official letter would be send to the Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin to follow up on his previous meeting with her where they had discussed the matter.
Believe it or not, the banks in our country had time and again denied that it was difficult to get housing loans approved.
Among the reasons they cited for the housing loan rejection include insufficient income to support debt repayment, adverse credit history, and inadequate income or financial documentation.
Is it that difficult to get a housing loan from the bank now?
What’s your say on this?
Next: Why I dislike dealing with the banks.

Joshua shares with Good Harvest Media on how to Be Exclusive and Be Inclusive

Jun 27, 2018
Joshua shares with Good Harvest Media on how to Be Exclusive and Be Inclusive
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Joshua shares with Good Harvest Media on how to Be Exclusive and Be Inclusive.


We desire our vendors and landlords to appoint us exclusively to market their property.

We control our sales activities well without fearing our competitors to undercut our deal.

Viewing appointment can be scheduled and we do not need to rush fearing the viewer may call others if we do not show up fast.

We are reluctant to do co agency if we do not obtain exclusive appointment.

We react to the above situations because of fear.

We fear that we may lose the deal.

We want to win, we want control and we want certainty.

We hoard for listings that we have no intention to work on or just render minimum effort.

No wonder a lot of negotiators are telling me that vendors do not give exclusive appointment anymore.

Vendor, buyer, listing agency and co agency must win.

Vendor sells and buyer buys the property at fair price.

Listing agency invites all the other negotiators who are active in the area to market the property.

We can work fast, giving the property the maximum exposure and avoid price under cutting.

 This will only happen when we are willing to be INCLUSIVE.

Listing agency will do the listing presentation and render professional advice to the vendor.

Ask for the exclusive appointment and then invite our friendly agency to work together.

"A slice of many big cakes is larger than a whole small cake"

"Be Exclusive, Be Inclusive"

"Doing the right thing right"


Jun 27, 2018
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SPECIAL for Real Estate Agents and Negotiators:
Penang IQI Realty Head Of Team Aster Ng shares with Good Harvest on why an agent or negotiator should not take on more than one appointment at a certain time.
Let’s listen to what she has to say.
I really like this American Proverb: "Don't bite off more than you can chew."
Ha, imagine me putting a very large piece of cake in my mouth so much so that I can't chew it all.
By right, I should be taking small bites and slowly eat the cake, which is true in many aspects of our lives. There again, this phrase is often used to discourage people from accepting or agreeing to more responsibility than they were able to manage. 
In fact, this just happened to one of my many female team members last week. 
I don't know how it came about but she suddenly ended up having more house-viewing appointments than she could handle personally.
Having caught in a seemingly frustrating Catch-22 situation, she desperately sought help from our fellow team members. 
I normally don't but this time, I was forced to step in to advise her to arrange all her appointments properly so as not rush "here and there".
This sweet young agent of mine subsequently explained that all those appointments came in at the very last minute. 
Granted, such nature of appointments are often and greatly beyond all real estate agents’ control.
Still, one should have tried to turn down these appointments in a polite way so as not to offend their clients wanting to view the properties at the time picked by them only to assign someone else to stand in for the job. 
Indeed, one of a real estate agent or negotiator’s roles are to show their clients around the properties that they are interested. 
Tell me, how would the buyer feel if having called the agent to arrange for the viewing only to find out that the latter had sent someone instead? 
Now, this one important question I want to ask is by not turning up for the appointment, how could she ever get a feel for how interested the viewer might be, especially having gone through to great lengths to convince the buyer to spare their time to view the said property?
Unless, they are good friends and relative or they wanted the property so much ... the buyer would have just given up on the agent instantly and engage someone else who is more concerned of their needs and preference in buying a property!
In this case, the call for reliability comes in when handling our clients, let alone the much-talked about "after sales services" which is quite an important value for a real estate agent too.
On the other hand, if the agent were to be present at the viewing, she would have a good sense of the level of interest and how much more there needs to follow up and close the deal.
Yet again, it somehow still depends on the real estate agent's experience and negotiation skills in this field. 
Need I say more?


Jun 26, 2018
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Financial Education Convention 2018

Jun 25, 2018
Financial Education Convention 2018
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If you are looking for a platform to learn how to create sustainable wealth through multiple streams of income that include business and investment, register yourself for the Financial Education Convention 2018 happening on 30th June 2018.

Why Real Estate Agents Should Often Use Online Promotion To Get Higher Prices.

Jun 25, 2018
Why Real Estate Agents Should Often Use Online Promotion To Get Higher Prices.
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Michelle Mei, Gplex Realty Penang Senior Manager shares with Good Harvest Media as to how real estate agents and negotiator can use online promotion to get high prices for properties 
Why Real Estate Agents Should Often Use Online Promotion To Get Higher Prices 
You are not misreading this:  Real estate agents and negotiators should always attempt to sell their listed homes at the highest prices possible!
Thrive, they must.
This is both for the benefit of their clients and to improve their own commissions. These are big moments for them.So how do they do that? 
Of course, the best way to get a high price is to go online as it allows them to broadcast their listing to a larger group of prospective buyers, regardless of whether there’s a market downturn or it is the buyers’ market now.
For the larger the group of buyers they can reach, the better their chances of getting a solid offer are.
It is common knowledge now that the social media marketing is the way to help one to reach more people in less time than more traditional methods.
I often tell my team members to adopt this simple approach by selling a house online because they will likely see more traffic, more leads and more sales coming in.
Other real estate agents and negotiators reading this article of mine should also not hesitate to go online. 
Just remember that a good posting often attracts thousands of views and LIKEs as well as SHARES in the Facebook the moment they are uploaded onto the web!
Be perfectly prepared for it.

8 reasons why you can’t sell / purchase your property successfully without the existence of a property negotiator /agent.

Jun 23, 2018
8 reasons why you can’t sell / purchase your property successfully without the existence of a property negotiator /agent.
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8 Reasons why you can’t sell / purchase your property successfully without the existence of a property negotiator / agent.
1. Professional.
It is always recommended that both buyer & seller should engage a registered
real estate negotiators (REN) or agents (REA) when it comes to purchase or
sell a property. This would allow the whole process to go through in a fair and
transparent way with both sides’ interests to be taken care of.
All REN & REA are required to be registered with the authorities, and they are
governed and bound by a code of conduct throughout the entire sales
process. So, both buyer & seller will be assured of quality service from the
appointed negotiators / agents with less worries for unscrupulous agents.
2. Safety Measures.
Negotiators / agents will need to filter their client before going for viewing. In
this way, negotiators / agents will get to know more details about what their
clients need and at the same time to ensure the safety of the seller at home as well.
With the appointed registered negotiators / agents, your earnest deposit will
be secured under the stakeholder name which is the registered property
agency, so both buyer & seller will be assured of the money secured in the
stakeholder account, rather than to deposit it under any unauthorized person
3. Price Negotiation.
Seller always want to sell their property as high price as possible while buyer
always want to buy at the lowest price possible. This is happening all the time
no matter the economy is good or bad. This is why 50% of the deal can’t go
through successfully without the existence of negotiators / agents. Price
negotiation involved a lot of emotional aspect in order to close successfully.
That is why the real estate negotiators / agents job is to come-in to remove all
this emotional aspect, handling objections & negotiate for a fairer price to
satisfy both party.
4. Marketing.
For the sellers, their appointed negotiators / agents will have the exact know-
how of marketing the particular property aggressively in all forms of marketing
media such as social media, property web portal, flyers, newspaper
advertisement, property magazines, solicit calls from interested parties, host
open houses, network with other agents & agencies who may have
prospective buyers.
For buyers, their negotiators / agents will have easy access to all the
properties that have been listed by other agents; they can help to track down
properties that meet the list of criteria they’ve been given, and set up all the
necessary appointments. Above all, they are skilled at keeping up good
relationships on both sides.
For the remaining 4 points, check out Adam's column next Saturday on
- Documentation Checklist
- Time Consumption
- Market Information
- After Sales Service


Jun 19, 2018
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  1. 迟回复客户信息
  1. 来无影,去无踪
  1. 过分主动或被动
  1. 懒散态度 / 漫不经心
  1. 假希望

人无完人,事无完美,其实不一定要与其他同行作比较。不过,通过找出个人“病因”— 坏习惯,对症下药,相信绝对能够帮助推升你的房产事业,更上一层楼!

How To Sell Your Home Fast.

Jun 18, 2018
How To Sell Your Home Fast.
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VERY often those who put up their house for sale wants to dispose off their property as fast as possible.
Good Harvest founder Lee Jingfa recently had a one-on-one chat with Michelle Chao, Gplex Realty Penang Senior Manager on How To Sell Your Home Fast.  
This is what we learnt from Michelle.
1) Can you offer us some tip for a speedy home sale, especially in a market-slowdown?
  "It is not easy to find a buyer especially for a residential property in the secondary market. It usually takes 3 months or even more. Some, especially those who are facing financial difficulties, will let go of their property any amount that is close to what they have requested for and this results in their property not being sold for a long, long time. Again, it also depends on the location and the condition of the house, some of which are poorly maintained.
2) Realistic price
   "Owner should not simply set a price for their house but should consult banks to get a valuation on their property. This is free of charge. They can even ask their appointed agents to do it for them."
3) Making the house looking good 
   "It is common sense for the seller to make their house as presentable as possible. I need not have to say much about the chances of getting a poorly maintained house full of clutter to be sold in a very short period.
  "Never mind about the location and the process of negotiating for the right price, a clean and nice-looking house will surely make things easy for the real estate agent to sell it for you..
  "Opening the doors to such a presentable house is already half the battle won in selling off the property!"


Jun 16, 2018
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I always believe it is important to do the right thing and doing things right.
Every athletic recognises the strength of the core. You may have developed a pair of strong legs and a symmetrical upper body. If your core is weak or under developed you cannot execute the movement effectively and efficiently required in your sports performance.
It is also the same in doing the right thing. It begins with our right core value and then doing it right.
In other word it is more important to know WHY are you doing it rather than WHAT are you doing.
The WHY will encourages you to wake up tomorrow morning with a sense of purpose and will propel you to complete the things to do list for the day.
Ask yourself. WHY are you doing it?

Do It Righ


Jun 12, 2018
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1. 不想有负担
2. 计划赶不上变化
3. 租比买更方便
4. 买房不是唯一的理财计划

UEM Sunrise appoints Focused Facilities Management as property management services provider for flag

Mar 5, 2018
UEM Sunrise appoints Focused Facilities Management as property management services provider for flag
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MELBOURNE: UEM Sunrise (Australia) Sdn Bhd, through its two subsidiaries, UEM Sunrise (Aurora Melbourne Central Property Management) Pty Ltd and UEM Sunrise (Conservatory Melbourne Property Management) Pty Ltd, has recently appointed Focused Facilities Management Pty Ltd (“FFM”) via its subsidiary, ACM Property Management Pty Ltd (“ACM”) to provide property management services for UEM Sunrise's flagship projects - Aurora Melbourne Central and Conservatory in Melbourne, Australia. Held at UEM Sunrise Australia Corporate Office on Queen Street in Melbourne, the signing ceremony was carried out by UEM Sunrise’s Chief Operating Officer, Commercial, Raymond Cheah while FFM was represented by its Managing Director, Jeromias D’Costa. 
“Aurora Melbourne Central is a unique expression of Melbourne’s future – the most significant and tallest integrated mega tower in Melbourne, combining stunning residential apartments and lavish residents-only amenities with a destination serviced apartment, strata office suites and unique retail offerings, while Conservatory celebrates the perfect balance of city vibrancy and garden tranquillity – where the feeling is social, cultural and connected – the very best of urban living,” Raymond said, adding that “as a premier lifestyle developer, UEM Sunrise understands the importance of providing high quality property management services to ensure that our assets are maintained at the highest levels, with the aim of maximising return on investment. 
“Therefore, we implemented stringent, focused and highly detailed criteria as part of our selection process. We set out to select the right company based on a qualitative assessment of project quality, experience, knowledge and financial strength 2 to undertake the said services. I am confident that FFM is more than capable of building a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with us.” 
“For over 17 years now, FFM has been providing complete property management services to some of Melbourne’s premium residential and commercial developments and have a comprehensive understanding of the high standards required to not only meet but exceed expectations. Their reputation is unsurpassed for integrity and providing a high standard of service, a fact that is easily confirmed by FFM being awarded a number of Melbourne’s premier developments,” added Raymond.
Said Jeromias: “As one of Victoria’s industry leaders, we pride ourselves on the quality of services we provide our clients and are honoured to have been entrusted by UEM Sunrise to manage their landmark projects at Aurora Melbourne Central in the heart of the CBD as well as the magnificent Conservatory that enjoys breathtaking views over the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Carlton Gardens and Royal Exhibition Building.” 

6 Simple Steps To Get More Contacts.

Jan 24, 2018
6 Simple Steps To Get More Contacts.
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Look, nothing here is complicated, clever or difficult.  
You just have to do it consistently and I will guarantee you will be successful.
 this is my sales message for you.
You can do so step-by-step for yourself without having to pay for or anyone else.
Step 1 – B
 (I am very particular about this)
You will only get enquiries from people that know you exist! 
​Well, you 
 may say that is very obvious, but how many times have you had the conversation with someone who said “if only we’d known you were here …”?
I encountered that many, many times myself.
​ Really.​
​ now​
, as a Real Estate Negotiator, are you visible to your target audience if they choose to go looking for property?
First thing first, make sure that your Facebook page and website looks great
Like they say, no website is better than a bad website. 
​Also, u
pdate your Facebook page regularly. 
Step 2 – 
(This is important)
Make sure you look credible when your potential clients look at your public presence (website, Facebook). 
This is 
​important as I want you ​
to make them feel like getting in touch with you.
Have great testimonials on your website and Facebook page.  Nothing is more compelling than having others saying nice things about you. 
Seek testimonials from past clients. Word of mouth is important here.
One easy way to do it is write your testimony for them and ask them to put their name to it. 
Trust me, your past clients would be happy to oblige for all the good services you have rendered to them before. 
Step 3  – 
 (No two ways about it)
Look, it doesn't matter how skilfull or wonderful your service is, if no one knows about you, they are not going to buy or sell their properties through you.  
Therefore, Step 3 is to make sure that your target audiences always think of you when they have a requirement.
Start with your target audiences
​You may want to ask me "
who are they?
The answer is everyone that you get in touch with in your everyday life.​
You gotta be specific about thi
It’s fine to have more than one target audience. 
Next identify the people in these audiences that are likely to make an enquiry.  
You can follow 
which I find is more economical and effective method
​ - that i
s  to email them initially then follow up by phone 
with the ones that are interested.
Step 4 – B
(Follow this very strictly) 
You must send out all your emails every month.  
Bear in mind that your potential clients will only take action when they have a requirement, so you need to ensure that you are always in the front of their mind. 
Therefore you need to keep your emails short, light and chatty.
Make sure you do not offend those who don’t have a requirement right now.  
Step 5 – B
(It is a requirement)
If I know my prospect's name, I will use their name in my communication with them – which is to make my emails as specific and personal as possible.
Remember: it’s about them not you!!
The more personal and relevant you make your communications, the more interest you will generate. Remember this important point - it is about them and not you.
Step 6  – B
(The most important of all)
The trick here is to set aside time each 
week to make the calls and take the actions. 
 I do just that. So, my advise for you is Just Do it!

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