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Closing the deal VS Opening the deal.

16 Aug 2018
Closing the deal VS Opening the deal.
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Closing the deal VS Opening the deal.
Closing the deal may mean achieving  the desired outcome, which may be an exchange of money or acquiring a signature. Real estate negotiators are always eager to learn new ways and tricks of closing deals.  Some of us are willing to dance, flip, somersault and perform a last round of hard sell to achieve it. However our prospects may be more informed and they prefer to be lead rather than to be sold.
Therefore spending more time in opening the sales is more vital than closing the sales. When we understand their goals, objective,  needs, challenges and the 'WHY' factor, we can lead our prospect into the buying decision.
Start by building trust, gather all relevant information, exercise fact finding, provide solution and then close the deal with confident.
If you want to close more deal you need to open more deal.
Happy opening and happy closing.

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