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Quitting is not the option

11 Jul 2018
Quitting is not the option
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Good Harvest columnist Aster Ng is wondering what has happened to a few of her real estate warriors. The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is still going on but those guys are missing in action! Let's see how she sizes them up.

Don't give up my warriors, just show up!

This is my call to a few of my team members whom I have not seen for some time. They have hitherto not attended our weekly meeting. Not a word from them at all.

It makes me wonder, if they - among them a Grab driver, electrical appliances salesman, factory executive and a former journalist - had all thrown in the towel.

Everyone knows it is easy to quit; me too, for that matter.

What I know is that our enemy, Satan, is always ready to defeat us with strategy and deceits, through well-laid plans and deliberate deceptions. He knows our insecurities and our weaknesses.

Incidentally, we had our fruitful weekly meeting yesterday where we had lots of laughter and informative sharing by our colleagues.
We definitely miss those who were not with us.

Never mind, since the World Cup fever is still on, I would like to touch a bit on it.

From 32 teams, this four-year once world gala soccer fiesta will be reduced to just two teams for this Sunday's final to decide the eventual winner.

If you ask me, I don't want my team to be reduced to like that.

I want it to grow. My team must grow and none of my team members should QUIT. If at all, I want my team to be expanded to at least or more than 48 members - just like just like the next 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup which will feature a historic 48-team appearance!

No matter what anyone says, there indeed are numerous challenges faced by everyone involved in the real estate industry, my team members included. By that, I mean whatever challenges they may be facing or experiencing right now in their life, I am determined to encourage them to go through it and not give up!

Sure, there's this reality that there are bills to pay and food to put on the table for the family. Which is why it is important for them to keep on and keeping on in such rough times.

Impossible? No!
Difficult? Yes!

Yes, because it will sure take time, and it won't all be easy. However, don't be a quitter and discard that old "give up" spirit.

I want them to take the emotion out of it. Easier said than done, right? But that’s exactly what I will help my team members to move ahead.

My call to them is as such:

We stand united; We speak as one team; and we will transform this moment into a catalyst for unity and positive change.

Quitting is not the option.

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