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How important of having sound knowledge of a property being sold.

09 Jul 2018
How important of having sound knowledge of a property being sold.
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Good Harvest columnist Brian Ng presents to us how important of having sound knowledge of a property being sold

Knowledge inspires confidence.

When you emit confidence you instantly transmit the same emotion in others, in this case from any real estate agents to their potential property buyers.

I am very particular about having sound knowledge of all the properties that my fellow team members sell; even if it is project sales or sub sales.

We always love talking and reminding everyone of the need to have knowledge of the property they sell our weekly team meeting.

All the information had to be at the back of their hand, from the unit size to number of rooms, besides all common facilities available and the distant of the nearest monorail station, schools, hospital, banks and wet market.

There's no denying that failure to comprehend all the information will result in a failed deal.

I have seen it with my very own eyes how one of our rookie realtor answered well and cheerfully seven but one simple question posed to him by a couple during a project sale at a shopping mall.

That very unanswered query caused the buyer to instantly give up buying the project.

I could see how the unanswered question wrecked the confidence the couple had on my junior.

It was a simple question on whether the sea-facing project would be obstructed by other upcoming buildings over the next few years.

Thinking back, now what accounts for this unwillingness to allow this deserving young agent an opportunity to cross check with his superior on that simple query?

But no, they decided to walk away instead!

The plain fact of the matter is this: The couple is not refusing to buy the project because they could not get an assurance that this sea-front view would not be obstructed.

What they are really refusing to do is to give their own time and attention to something that they could not be presented at that present moment.

hey could have signed it on if an outright answer was forthcoming. Perhaps, they were in a rush.

Or perhaps, we were at fault as we overlooked that very pertinent point raised by the couple.

So, sound knowledge is still important.

Let's not overlook it again.

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