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Important for a team to have good bonding.

04 Jul 2018
Important for a team to have good bonding.
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Good Harvest columnist Aster Ng shares with us how important it is for a team to have good bonding.
Here's how estastic Aster is bonding with her team members.
Oh, we like that. We like that a lot.
As the saying goes, "all work makes Jack a dull boy."
Yes, bonding is important for us. Our real estate team members do it every month.
Incidentally, we had two special bonding sessions in just one week.
The first one was last Thursday where we had a sumptious seafood dinner.
Yesterday, we had a house-warming session for our new office.
All team members attended this auspicious occassion where we had steamboat over lunch.

There, work was for once, momentarily forgotten, as they all joked and poked fun at each other while gathering around the simmering hot pot meal in the hot afternoon. The feeling was just fantastic.
Well, as I have mentioned, team bonding is important. It helps us better understand each other's strengths, weaknesses and interests.
Heck, this is surely easier said than done especially in managing a big team with contrasting characters and personality, and some, of all things, perennial procrastinators!
Problems abound.  As the Head of Team, I have to check on productivity, level up motivation, improve communication and relationships.
It's pretty tricky to manage them, if you ask me.
But, rally, I have to.
Which is why I was over-joyed when one of my junior team member casually suggested that we hold a monthly bonding over dinner to bring everybody together.
No, don't get me wrong. We were never an entirely disorganised team.
I truly agree with him.
We ended up having good bonding and we even closed a good RM900,000 sub sale deal on the very first day we moved into our new office. Awesome right?
Happy bonding.


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